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About Us

You’re full of bright ideas to change our world.

We compile the data you need to keep your organization financially sound.

Open Books is a virtual accounting and business services practice.  We provide extensive support and attention to your books.

Believe it or not, we get a kick out of the small, mundane tasks that many non-profits and entrepreneurs want nothing to do with.

With continued education being top priority, we are always looking for ways to improve not only our practice, but to pass that knowledge down to our clients.

Our Team

Nisa Jones is the Founder and Chief Bookkeeper of Open Books Financial, LLC. She has over five years experience in the corporate accounting and non-profit sectors. Open Books Financial received its start after Nisa turned all attention towards her passion for small businesses and non-profits ran by hardworking, busy and compassionate individuals.

Travis offers more than 10 years of experience in positions surrounding educational development and mentorship. Travis has served in these roles in multiple capacities, but best enjoys work where he serves his community. He has a passion for community service and ensures our business is compliant with our mission and community service standards.

We love interns!  Looking to learn more about the non-profit sector?  Hoping to showcase your skills in accounting, marketing, or outreach?  Send us an email today to learn how you can get involved!

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