About Us

Nisa Jones is the Founder and Chief Bookkeeper of Open Books Financial, LLC. Over the years she has worked in various roles in accounting for all-sized corporations in various industries.

Open Books Financial received its start in 2018 after Nisa decided to turn all attention towards her passion for small businesses and non-profits ran by hardworking, busy and compassionate individuals.

At Open Books Financial, discovering what works best for your company is a learning process.  We are here to help.  We will help you to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small.

Core Values:

Flexibility:  Open Books is here for YOU!  With our cloud capabilities, scan and upload or email documents, notes and requests at any time of day.  We monitor our messages very carefully and will respond timely.

Community:   We are in the business of people.   Not only do we want to be your finance experts, but a lifelong supporter.  Allow us to become valuable members of your team inside and outside of the books.  We will help promote your business and events on our social media pages, to share with our friends!

Sensibility:  Being sensible means we understand that not every business can afford the premium accounting software for hundreds of dollars per year.  Many times, it simply isn’t feasible.  At Open Books, we examine your budget and cash flow to determine the best program and services to fit your finances.