Small Business Spotlight: Candice Renee

My name is Candice Renee. I am an educator who has learned how to use personal development and multiple streams of income to pursue my passion of building lasting partnerships between educators and the communities they serve.

I teach others how to leverage their gifts to live a life of freedom and choice.

I have always had a desire to do more.  While I have worked as an educator – special education, English and ESL – for more than 15 years, I have always pursued other endeavors as well. I love to write and pour into the communities that I live and work in through service and community activism.  My greatest wish was that I would create the financial freedom to be able to devote more of my time to creating positive change in the urban, disadvantaged communities from which the students who I often teach come.

I finally took the leap after my daughter was born. I remember, it was December of 2015. It just hit me. I decided that it was time. And I started a home-based business that has been nothing short of a blessing for me. I did not know how great of an impact my decision would have and still is having on me.

I love what I do because I will always be an educator, whether I am inside or outside of the classroom. Now I get to help many more people. In addition, the skills and habits I had to learn and develop have changed who I am as a person. The biggest change was in my understanding of myself. Thanks to the education I gained by engaging in personal development, I was able to recognize unhealthy patterns in my personal relationships. I left an unsafe, unhealthy relationship. Now I am focused on raising my children in a safe and enriching environment. I am not sure if I would have had the strength to make that change in the manner that I did without that first decision to do life differently at the end of 2015.

I also love my business because if fits so perfectly into the lifestyle that I currently have. I do not have to “sell” products. I do not have to be a walking billboard. I don’t have to spam my friends or plaster my social media with advertisements about what I do to be effective. I can live my authentic life and enjoy the benefits that the additional income brings into my life. That is a blessing.

I am available for speaking engagements and one to one consultations. For more information, check out my website:

School Supply Drive!

Back-2-School Drive:
Open Books Financial and the Phi Eta chapter of Omega Psi Phi are teaming to up to hold a school supply drive to benefit the students and teachers of the West End School. Please bring the following supplies to the Cultural Center before August 10th between the hours of 9AM and 5PM:

– pencils
– toilet paper
– snack foods (grandola, NutriGrain Bars)
– photo paper
– hole punch
– purple folders
– white out
– first aid kits

To learn of more ways to get involved, click here:

Small Business Spotlight: HunnyChile

Small Business Spotlight! HunnyChile is a family-owned T-Shirt company. Their business is comprised of two types of merch: original shirt designs sold on the website and special occasion shirts for events such as class reunions.

Carrie started HunnyChile in January 2017 with her mom! “I started it because I have always been a fan of T-Shirts. I saw shirts in stores and thought “I can do THAT.. and better.” I wanted to make people walking billboards for their beliefs.” Carrie continued, “I also wanted to create space to start important conversations… and I’m horrible at working for someone else! “What I enjoy most is having my own time and schedule, a great profit margin, providing a service to people and being able to be an artist.” But don’t get it twisted. Carrie says the designs may LOOK simple but can take hours!

Be sure to support HunnyChile today!

Twitter & IG: @hunnychileapd

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