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Financial Literacy for Kids

Open Books has partnered with Lemonade Day to teach local children about the process and rewards of entrepreneurship.  This begins with mini-lessons on business vocabulary, such as profit, revenue, and investor.  This year, we are hoping to increase community participation in the national-wide program known as Lemonade Day.

Book us to speak to your youth at after-school programs, leadership conferences, and community centers.  Your youth will learn how to construct a business plan, find profitable items and sell them!

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Financial Literacy for Adults

A part of being a mission-driven business is helping adults to first understand that finances start at home.  Allow us to help you find resources and knowledge to help you maintain a financially responsible household.  While our niche is non-profit, we also offer consultations and resources that encompass making extra money, saving money, credit building, and more!  Contact us for more info!

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