Non-Profit Solutions


Accurate Monthly Financials

Our team will compile your key financial statements (statement of financial position, statement of activities) in addition to any other requested key metrics for no additional cost.


Secure Document Management

Our secure client portal allows for seamless and effective receipt, bill, or general document upload.  Use this service free of charge to stay ready in case of an audit!


Form Preparation

Whether you file 990-N, 990-EZ, 990-T, or 990 our efficient return organizer will help you save 50+ hours in data collection.  Applying for tax exemption?  We will prepare or review your form 1023.


Design and Implementation of Internal Controls

Internal controls are generally described in written policies that set forth the procedures that the nonprofit will follow, as well as who is responsible. The goal of internal controls is to create business practices that serve as “checks and balances” on staff.


Financial Training

Already have a bookkeeper on staff?  Great!  We will work to train and bring them up-to-speed on best practices to keep your financial records up to date.  We will review the bookkeeping as often as needed to ensure a seamless data transfer to your 990.